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GeoTrust True BusinessID OV

Organisations-Validiertes SSL Zertifikat mit Dynamischem Site-Seal und hoher Browserakzeptanz

Total & Savings

78,- € **
1 Year
140,- € **
2 x 70,- € **
2 Years
16,- € **
203,- € **
3 x 67,67 € **
3 Years
31,- € **
266,- € **
4 x 66,50 € **
4 Years
46,- € **
328,- € **
5 x 65,60 € **
5 Years
62,- € **
390,- € **
6 x 65,- € **
6 Years
78,- € **
** Preis inkl. MwSt.

Discounted multi-year certificate Subscription

This certificate is available at a discount from the issuing agency as a multi-year subscription. Order once in advance for the total amount shown and you will receive a new certificate free of charge for the duration of the term.

  • Multiple Domain: Secure Multiple Domain Names

    With Multiple Domain SSL Certificates you can secure different top-level-domains (e.g. www.yourdomain.com, www.mydomain.com and shop.hisdomain.com) with only one certificate. This is a low-cost alternative to purchasing a few SingleRoot SSL Certificates, without forfeiting encryption strength.

  • Business Authentication

    With requesting documents like e.g. an excerpt from the commercial register GeoTrust ensures that the secured domain is in fact the owners domain. The data, reviewed by GeoTrust, can be looked into when the user clicks the browsers site seal or https-value. This is an extended security feature and an effective way to build trust with your clients.

  • 256Bit SSL Encryption

    SSL encrypts the data before transmission between client (e.g. web browser) and server, and decrypts it afterward. The encryption level is measured in bit-strength. This GeoTrust SSL Certificate guarantees the highest possible encryption level with 256Bit.

  • GeoTrust Site-Seal

    Site SealEntering the website, the Site-Seal with date display indicates a secure SSL connection. When clicking the seal, a GeoTrustPop-Up opens with information on encryption and domain owner (Business Authentication). This increases the users sense of security dramatically, which benefits the number of aborts in the purchasing process.

  • Simple Installation and Renewal online

    The installation of your GeoTrust SSL Certificate only takes a few minutes. After completion you will see a closed padlock in your browser, which indicates the SSL protection. We will send out a reminder before your certificate expires, this way your websites will be kept safe.

  • Über Geotrust

    GeoTrust ist eine der bekanntesten Marken für hochwertige SSL Verschlüsselung, die die wichtigen Anforderungen für e-business Sicherheit und Vertrauen erfüllen. Über 100.000 Kunden in mehr als 150 Ländern verwenden GeoTrust SSL Zertifikate, um ihre Geschäfte effizient und kostengünstig über SSL verschlüsselte Netzwerke abzuwickeln. Hierzu zählen Banken, große Onlineshops sowie Unternehmen mit Exchange-Umgebungen und Intranet-Lösungen


True BusinessID OV

Laufzeit / Abonnement*
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78,00 € / Stk. nroldorder.incMwst
ab 3 Stück
74,10 € / Stk. nroldorder.incMwst
ab 5 Stück
72,54 € / Stk. nroldorder.incMwst
ab 10 Stück
70,20 € / Stk. nroldorder.incMwst
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